Thursday, March 25, 2010

Isles vs. Flames 3/25/10

Well, with only 2:32 left of the third, I think it's time for me to pack up. Hopefully, this will be a regulation win and we won't have it all tied up in the last minute and then have to go to OT.


3rd Period: MightyMattMoulson ties it at 2 for the Isles only a few seconds in with his 27th goal of the season. Yes... I think he'll make 30. That was enough to energize the same crowd that was booking the power play. They are now chanting let's go Islanders.

Flood made his time here important as he blocked a shot for Marty Biron and Okposo hit the post AGAIN!!! What is with that boy's karma??

Isles on a Power Play and this time it's JT that hits the post and Nielsen s shots are blocked and Bailey almost loses the pass over the line. Robyn Regehr blocked a shot and skates gingerly off the ice. Biron counts down the secnods of teh Power Play as Bruno Gervais blasts one from the blue line past Kiprusoff. Yep.. Bruno. The guy who needs to redeem himself for his defensive lapses. It's Wendy's Chili time people! 3 - 2 Isles.

As soon as the excitement wears off, Tim Jackman is called for highsticking and sits in teh box. Flames on their own Power Play..

2nd Period: Jon Sim doing what he does best -- piss the living daylights out of everyone. First he received a face wash from Kiprusoff then he collided with another Flame as he was heading back to the bench. At the other end of the ice, Marty biron comes up with a big save and the TV time out once again.

The most interesting thing about sitting behind the NHL stat guys are hearing the calls. "25 on 12! 25 on 4!" Wow! David Moss likes to hit. And then it's Blake Comeau that gets called for boarding with 9:37 left of the second. SOG are now 13 - 9.

Nystrom thinks he got one under Marty Biron, but Biron says no. The play is under review. It's pretty evident... he did. Flames 2 - Isles 1 6:52 left of the second.

4:21 left of the 2nd and the Isles get a Power Play. They immedaitely have to chase the puck into their own end. Nothing's changed. And then again. And Streit gives it away at the blueline. Gervais carries it in and then loses it two feet OVER the blue line. Bailey tries a nice wrap around move behind the net but he passes to someone in a while sweater. The fans are now booing our power play. Nice.

The Power Play expired and the Isles were left chasing their tails again. Marty skated well past his crease to stop a breakaway by Rene Bourque leaving his net vulnerable. Thank goodness the move worked. But he scared me.

Trying to wash the bad taste of a shut out from their mouths, the Islanders will play host to the Calgary Flames tonight at the Coliseum.

Mark Flood has been called up to replace Dustin Kohn.

Please tell me Sean Avery will get a talkin' too about that hit!! Thank you!

7:10 pm: Here at the Colsieum as the puck drops and teh Isles have the first shot on goal. Don't know what happened to White, but he went down and left his stick on the ice and skated over to his goalie. Then skated back to get his stick. Hmmm... um... Ian... you dropped something.

OMG!! Jeff Tambellini didn't have to give up his jersey after warm-ups! He's on the ice! Quick! Grab the cameras!

So teh press box is packed for a change. Guess that's what happens when there's a Canadian team in town. And Sutter is sitting up here quite close. He even patted me on the shoulder and said hello. He ovbiously thought I was someone else. But I smiled anyway.

And Daddy Dearest, Marty Biron is in net. He's faced one shot so far and given up no goals. Not bad. 11:05 in and Trent Hunter makes it 1 -0 Islanders. And with that, Marty faced his second shot and gave up his first goal of the night. Yep. Islanders hockey.

Everyone seems very excited that Nystrom's son had the assist on that Flames goal. It would be more exciting if he was an Islander.

Islanders killed off a hooking penalty by Kyle Okposo and then almost immedaitely get another one as Kipper head sot hte bench for another attacker. Hmmm.. and it's Okposo again. He's off his game tonight. For some reason, he got four minutes.

Islanders kill off the four minute PP and allow only two shots on Biron. One hit him after Kyle came out of the box and then Frans Nielsen said a big hello to Brett Sutter behind the net.

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nice meeting you again, Dee..Glad they won, deserved after the other night..