Friday, March 26, 2010

Winning When they Shouldn't

After last night's 3 - 2 win over the Calgary Flames, I heard this as I left the press box, "Can't they lose when they're supposed to?" The Islanders added two points to their season while keeping the Flames from solidifying their own standing.

But that's the Islanders. They usually do what you don't expect to. They win games they have no business winning and lose ones you expect them to blow the doors off. The Flames staffers that were up in the press box were less than happy as they left last night.

Of course the biggest Islander news last night was the return of the Nystroms to the Coliseum. Daddy Bobby in the press box and Eric on the ice. It had all the buzz of a Dynasty homecoming. Eric Nystrom had a two point game in his father's old building and was named as one of the three stars of the night. Bobby was proud -- and mobbed by the media. Well, almost all the media.

In the 3rd period: #MightyMattMoulson tied it at 2 for the Isles only a few seconds in. It is his 27th goal of the season. Yes... I think he'll make 30. That was enough to energize the same crowd that was booing the Isles power play earlier. They were then chanting " Let's go Islanders."

Bridgeport call-up Mark Flood made his time on the ice important as he blocked a shot for Marty Biron who faced 23 shots but gave up the first goal on only the 2nd shot by the Flames to Nigel Dawes.

There were the Islanders classic CLANG off the post shots as both Okposo and Tavares hit the posts AGAIN!!! JT ended the night as a -1 but Kyle ended as a +1. However, he also had an uncharacteristic six minutes in penalties; 2 for unsportsmanlike conduct. Okposo? Really? Just not his night.
The most interesting thing about sitting behind the NHL stat guys are hearing the calls. "25 on 12! 25 on 4!" Wow! David Moss likes to hit. He was credited with one shot and five hits.

Jon Sim did what he does best -- piss the living daylights out of everyone. First he received a face wash from Kiprusoff then he collided with another Flame as he was heading back to the bench. It was classic Sim-ply annoying.

It was Bruno Gervais' night as the man who has been dubbed "Brutal Bruno" on the message boards was the man who saved the night by blasting a Mark Streit pass into the net for the game winning goal at 11:31 of the third. He too picked up a star of the game but he wasn't available post game as the reporters waited for him.

Waiting seemed to be the story of the night as the Flames dressing room didn't open while they had a 20 minute post game "chat." Eric Nystrom's homecoming was marred by his team's loss. Reporters and cameras waited patiently to get in wondering about their deadlines. (Ahhhh... the pitfalls of MSM: Deadlines and editors.)

Scott Gordon entered press room 6 to only ITV and us lowly new media types. He answered THREE questions this time. I almost asked one, but thought better of it in the quiet of the room. I don't have his answers because somehow my recorder didn't work right.

Oh! and Jeff Tambellini didn't have to give up his jersey after warm-ups! I hope you grabbed the cameras! You never know when you'll see THAT again! He had two shots and one giveaway. Mark Streit had TWO. That man is getting tired consistently playing the most amount of minutes for the Islanders. He's doing it all, but it may be too much.
On the way home I listened to XM's Home Ice. I loved when they recapped the game and said "You can't outwork the Islanders in a hockey game." Some nights that's the absolute truth.

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