Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Second Period

Listening to Chris King do intermission reports is actually very entertaining if the webstream would stay on.

And yes, the Geico Caveman does skate for real. he should be careful. We lose another D and he may end up with a jersey.

Waiting for the start of the second period.

Within a blink the Rangers get one back as it almost looked like Roli flinched and a Prospal shot went over his shoulder. The good-looking white haired gentleman that is always with GM Glen Sather who never sits down, was quite animated that they scored.

However, the Rangers now have both Rozival and Prust in the box and the Isles have a two man advantage. It came at a serious price as John Tavares was taken hard into the boards and was slow to get up.

The Isles didn't convert on the two man and are left with almost a minute of the one man advantage. however, something must have happened after the first period and the #isles don't seem to be the same team they were just a few minutes ago. The Rangers have killed off the penalties and are back at full strength. This doesn't look good.

And I lost my radio feed. Got it back.

Roloson is playing without a stick this is insane! The whistle was late to come and he managed to make at least three saves just with his body. He was allowed to play with the broken stick, but he threw it away. He cracked it on AMacs skates trying to clear a puck. Okay, that was just frightening.

7:03, Kyle Okposo breaks his stick as Jokinen gives it a whack and that leads to the Rangers 2nd goal. The game is n ow tied and the crowd is energized. The problem is, it's the Ranger fans that are energized. It's those stupid composit sticks.

With 4:38 of the second left the face off is to the right of Roloson and it looks like it may get ugly right off the bat. Well, it got scary instead of ugly as the puck just grazed the size of the crease at the line. Okay, face off in the Rangers Zone now. Can we win the faceoff boys?

Well, that didn't last long. Okay. Gaborik scores to make it 3 - 2 Rangers with Streit and bailey right there next to him. I don't know what that was other than bad. Scott Gordon had his head down as the camera was on him. That is Gaborik's 40th goal at 17:15

Gillies takes a penalty as he was actually looking to get something going. He got going into the box. At least the penalty will expire before the period ends and won't carry over into the third. Drury is in Rolo's net with him and Meyer is directly in front of him. roli keeps nudging him out and just struck AMac acorss the ribs thinking it was a Ranger.

Gillies out of the box and grabs the puck and skates it to Lundqvist. Nielseon gets off a good shot just before the whistle but the Rangers take offense to it and a mellee ensurs behind the Ranger net. Dubinsky and Okposo and Hillen. all sorts of stuff going on behind the net.

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