Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gordon: "They looked good, we looked bad."

No, he wasn't happy with his team's hard fought loss of 5 - 3 on Wednesday night in Montreal.

"We have to learn from it." Yes, they do. And quickly.

"The turnovers tonight -- all of them led to scoring opportunities." And score, they did. The line I warned about in the morning was the line that did damage. They just outskated the Islanders. Scott Gomez seemed to enjoy himself tonight and PK Subban made everyone sit up and take notice.

"The support all over the ice wasn’t good. I didn’t like it. We were an easy check tonight." Um, yeah. Scott really wasn't happy tonight. But at least he didn't take it out on Rob.

James Wisniewski had a 3 point game, even though Moen almost knocked him into Saturday. Moen received a boarding call and Wiz received help back to the bench after laying on the ice for a little while to catch his breath. He hardly missed a shift, but these are the Islanders. I wouldn't be surprised if we find out that Wiz will not be avialable for Friday's game with some sort of "spasm."

Gordon said he knew James Wisniewski's potential by the amount of points he had with Anaheim on the power play.

The Islanders gave up a short handed goal for the first time this season, but Dwayne Roloson stopped a penalty shot by Pouliet who crashed his crease after being taken down by martinek.

The Habs were faster and quicker. The game just got away from them.

It's a shame that this was Nino's 9th game so the decision needs to be made. Butch Goring believes they send him back where he can play on the PP as well as regular shifts. For Nino's own good and that of the team, Butchie said, they'll send him back.

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