Sunday, March 11, 2012

Isles Down in OT 4-3

After another heartbreaking loss, Jack told Peter Ruttgaizer "It was a game of surges. They held zone time extensively down low.  But again, three  power play goals against and you're notgoing to win."

The power play was as Scotty Allen called it "fragile."  Peter asked how to fix that.

"We have to find a way to get back to our foundation."  He reiterated  "..three power play goals against."  as if he was just not believing it.  " We have to get back to basics and focus." They used to be 8th in the league in penalty kills.

When it came to the Isles own power play unit Jack said "Special teams are huge.  I'd have to watch again, but it was just 'ok' for me.  We passed up too many shots on our power play."

The Isles don't play again until Tuesday starting a string of games that don't really matter.  "We have to regroup and get back home.  We have a  day off tomorrow and get ready for Tuesday."

Rangers take the series this year 3 - 2 and even Butch complained that special teams have to be effective and they were  spending too much time in their own zone.   The Isles have let up 13 power play goals against in 11 games. Butch said there was no agrresive forechecking that allowed Richards to just walk down the ice.  Ouch.

Isles hung in there and didn't really give up but penalties killed them again.

With the roster someone different due to illness and injury the two stats the Isles usually lead in weren't there.  It was the Rangers who blocked 14 shots to the Isles 10 and who had 24 hits to the Isles 13.  See what happens when Matt Martin isn't there?

Howie Rose was adament when he said "It's painfully obvious they have got to find secondary scoring.  Whether it's underachieving among the incumbents... you cannot continue to put all the pressure on one line."  He will be writing that as a personal note to Garth Snow as advice for the off season.   "Try to get someone to score more goals."  Ya think?  He also said it was "remarkable that the Tavares line has held up and produced as much as they have."

That's true.  Some times know if you shut down that first line, the Isles are basically rendered helpless.

PA Parenteau sat in the dressing room when Stan Fishler asked him his thoughts on the game.  "I thought we fought pretty well.  They're a good hockey team, they're fast.  It could have gone either way.  We have to be more disciplined."  He said he couldn't say anything about Travis' penalty call.

Neither could Hamonic, who was at a loss for words for a few seconds.  "It's frustrating.  I thought we played a pretty good game.  Our PK wasn't where it should be."  Stan said it was a good effort and Travis snapped back.  "Do you get two points for a good effort?"  No you don't.  Travis doesn't think it was a good call in overtime, but didn't want to say anything that would get him in trouble. 

Frans was dripping sweat and rubbing his head,  "It was very tough.  I don't know; I mean they out worked us pretty hard today.  It's not good enough.  Special teams have to be way better."

So tonight the Isles went from clinging to playoff hopes to heading back to "fundamentals."

I'm going back to cleaning the kitchen. At least once that's done, I'm not disappointed.

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