Friday, February 25, 2011

Martin & Montoya = 1 Point in Philly

While I already did a post game report at, I couldn't help but write something this morning about the two "M's" that made the night even more enjoyable than just another game.

Matt Martin took a lot of flack in the press after the Friday Night Fight Night. Some of which he deserved, but most of which was not. Martin was a fan favorite in Bridgeport and that carried over to Long Island. He brings an energy and an entertainment value to the game that we haven't seen since Steve Webb. The 21-year-old Windsor ON native is 6th in the league in hits with 212. In 48 games he 103 PIMs.

But he is NOT a "knuckle-dragger" as I read him called in one article on the net. Knowing Matt for the last few years, that truly bothered me. So, last night, when Matt Martin showed that as Jack said, "he knows how to score goals." I smiled from ear to ear.

He scored the most important one when he tied the game with 27.1 seconds left in the third to take it to overtime. He had grabbed a puck out of mid-air, settled it down, and took the shot. I'm pretty sure no matter how many goals Matt Martin scores in his NHL career, that one will be very special. His two goals earned him the second star of the game. He deserved it.

Humble and a true team guy, he gave all credit to his team mates and to his assistant coach, Scott Allen, for all the help they have given him. Every game, he proves why he is a fan favorite.

The other "M" that impressed me last night was Al Montoya. Not only did Montoya make some excellent saves to keep the young Islanders in the game against the best team in the East, he won me over with his performance in the locker room.

For those who don't stick around to watch the post game interviews (I actually have to hold onto the remote to make sure my husband doesn't change the channel until the credits are rolling), then you missed Al Montoya proving he IS an Islander.

After giving his D credit for their hard work in a tough game, a reporter asked him how he felt about playing in such a beautiful building in front of a sold out crowd. Seeing that Al was not happy with the question, the reporter began to reword it -- worse. The more he spoke, the deeper he dug himself into a hole and the more annoyed Montoya seemed to get.

On the MSG broadcast, you couldn't hear all of the reporter's question, but Montoya's answer was "Who told you that?" and then when he had enough, he looked at the PR director to his right, smiled up at him and asked "Who is this guy?"

That was the end of that. Al Montoya, like P.A. Parenteau, is an ex-NY Ranger who has come to realize what being on the New York Islanders is all about. It's about FAMILY. And right now, there is a group of young men in that room that have twenty games left in this regular season. They have full intention of playing every one of them to the best of their ability -- for each other.

They're also playing them for us. And we should appreciate their effort.

#WhiteOutTheRed Saturday night. Wear white and come to Saturday's game against the Washington Capitals.

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beachchica said...

2 more quality,character guys who really WANT to be here on Long Island!!!