Thursday, March 31, 2011

03/27/2011 – NY Hockey Talk

03/27/2011 – NY Hockey Talk

Isles face the Rangers tonight at the Coliseum. On Sunday, Brad Kurtzberg and I had a chance to speak with Margaret Hurley of about tonight's game. As she said "Anything can happen."

Also, she had some interesting things to say about how Coach John Tortorella feels about Sean Avery. (just proving I'm right.)

Let's see how close she came to being right the game and the Rangers. They're coming to Uniondale looking for points. The Isles are looking to spoil their party.

Now, if I can just get her to stop calling them the "Icelanders" that would be good.

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~me said...

I'm with you tonight!! remember the Isles/Ranger games?? Miss YOU all the way from 80 degree beautiful sunshine and Disneyland was wonderful~ full of magical moments~
just to rub it in a little...oh yah-- what does he owe you? since YOU WON :-P